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Free Digital Proofs Available on All Orders - Work Directly with One of Our Designers


Digital Proof?...


A sign proof is simply a Image or file we can email you to help visualize how your custom signs will look before they go to the next level of being produced. Simply Send us an Email with the details of what your signs need to look like - We are happy to assist you at (Our Sales and Design Team will be working with you!) Typically we can get your sign proof to you within 4 to 6 hours. Signs for work and office, personalized for free and free digital proofing.

If you need more details on what a digital sign proof is and how to get one, read on. Is the vision for your next sign project bigger in scale than an email? Call us immediately, we can help at 630-569-9289.

Our digital proofs will provide you with a detailed look at how your sign will look, and allow you to request any changes before the order enters production.

How Long Will it Take to Receive my Free Digital Proof?

We strive to send digital proofs to our customers within 24 hours or less of when a proof request is sent our way. We understand the time-sensitivity of certain projects, and make it our goal to provide our first-time and returning customers with exceptional levels of both service and design.


For a rush order, please contact or call us at 630-569-9289 to expedite your digital proof. Monitor your email closely after requesting your digital proof, so you do not miss a reply from our art team!

How do I Make Changes to my Free Digital Proof?

It's simple, send a reply to our initial email, letting the designer know what you would like to see changed. Did we mention you're able to work directly with a sign designer? We will revise as many proofs as you wish until you are set on the perfect sign for your office or building. We respect your desire for the perfect sign, because we share the same desire! Take advantage of our free digital proofing process, and ensure that you will have an office sign that will make a great impression on you and your place of work. We're passionate sign makers for work and office. Our job is to make you look good.

How do I Approve my Free Digital Proof?

As soon as the design of your style looks perfect to you, simply let our artist that you have been working with know. Just send us a simply reply "approved," we will make sure that your sign design gets into production and the end product comes out exactly as you were hoping for! With any questions on approving your proof, or to simply speak with a representative from our company, feel free to call 630-569-9289 to discuss.

Free digital proofing on all of our office signs and other printed & engraved products are just one more way that Etch Bot Engraving ensures our customers have the best shopping experience possible!  Let our talented team of designers work for you today!


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Digital Proof


Our Digital Proofs can give you a good idea of what the final product will look like! Our Designers look forward to making your engraved gifts special!

We look forward to working with you!

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