Heart of Fun is a small little Adult game for couples to spice up the fun!  Just Shake the hand held heart and whatever " small laser etched heart (s) land in the middle become the "Fun"  If land 2 hearts in the middle, ya will receive or give double the fun!


We also do offer the "PG" version if the base hearts are too much for some.  Or custom pack for an additional charge.


The default hearts that are included are "adult" (base pack)



3 Sizes/Heart Amounts:

  • roughly: 5"x4” Includes 12 small Hearts with laser etched words

  • hand made from laser etched wood and plastic.


  • Adult Small Hearts Pack Include: (base pack)

    • In the car

    • ? Me

    • Kiss Me

    • Smooch Me

    • Hug Me

    • Spoon Me

    • Touch Me

    • Sp**k me

    • E** me

    • L**k me

    • S**k me

    • Pick a room

  • "PG" Small Hearts Pack Include: (replaces "base" pack if chosen)

    • xoxo (x3)

    • Hug me (x2)

    • Kiss Me

    • Spoon Me

    • Smooch Me

    • Be Mine

    • Smile

  • Custom Pack (Adds 10 dollars)

    • Get  additional 10 custom laser etched hearts with your own words on them.

Heart of Fun: (Game For Adults)

  • *Once we recieve the order our sales will contact you through email to supply any logo or image you want us to work with for the engraved product. Please make sure it is a JPEG and or PNG image. Please make sure it is under 10 megs and at least 1000x1000 pixels. If it is low res we will need to work with you on the time and seperate cost it will take to up res the logo for you.

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